From the first note to the last, FlyLiteGemini, play and sing every note with passion and intensity as they push aside the veil and travel through the musical ether to create a unique experience through repeating themes of love,hope and the soul's journey through dark and light. Drawing inspiration from some of the world's greatest rock and roll band's, and mixing pop sensibilities with spur of the moment musical creations, FlyLiteGemini is a band you'll want to see again and again.

FlyLiteGemini's debut album was released in October of 2017,and was nominated for Best Blues/Soul album, Best album from a New Artist, and Album of the Year at the 2018 SouthWest Michigan Jammie Awards. The band is hard at work on their second album “Bigger on the Inside” to be released in summer of 2019.

FlyLiteGemini is Joe Chamberlin,Sam Rice,Zach Potter,& Nate Karnes

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