by Flylitegemini

Released 2017
Released 2017
New original folk,rock,and blues . Keeping the classic rock vibe alive.
“FlyLiteGemini’s self-titled debut release is nothing shy of ambitious. From the dissonant opening riff of “Row” to mock-fadeout of “Working Dead,” FlyLiteGemini – an offshoot of Kalamazoo’s Fly Paper – seems to have found a voice all its own. Singer/multi-instrumentalist Joe Chamberlin presents a distinct vision across the album’s 14 songs, accompanied by powerful rock ‘n’ roll drumming by Sam Rice. These guys certainly can play the blues, too, as heard on the speedy and aggressive “Love Sweet Love.” And amid all the lyrical expression and storytelling are hints of a folk sensibility, as heard on “Inside” and “Wild West,” which seemingly invite the listener to lean in closer … and the invitation is accepted.”
- Devin Anderson, (Oct 19, 2017)

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